Where to fish?

In fly fishing, two concepts need to work together – access and conservation.

I love my “secret” dry-fly creek, but I also understand that a strong and credible future for fly fishing means more people do it.  Access is critical.


Knowing your hatches isn’t critical but it helps.



Stoneflies and more.

Updated website

You may have noticed that the website was overhauled.  Most of the 140 pages of content from the old website were moved to WordPress.    WordPress runs over 25% of the world's websites and has many features.   Some of the essential features are Catagories and Tags.   ...

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Black Caddis

Commonly known as the “Black Caddis” on Wisconsin trout streams, they include the any of the following; Family: Brachycentridae, Genus: Brachycentrus, Species: lateralis, numerosus, appalachia, solomoni.

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A Trout Angler Goes After Tarpon

By Joseph Meyer

I had done most of it but not all. Armed with a fly rod and a handcrafted fly, I pursued all the finned creatures with trout being my favorite quarry. I loved trout fishing, pastoral and relaxing, the contemplative nature of it all made my heart sing. No pressure build up, a pressure relief valve this trout fishing is.

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The more fly fishing.


Tied by SirTrout Hook: Mustad 36890, size 4 salmon fly hook Thread: White Body: Weighted, Krystal Flash Chenille pearl Wing: Krystal Flash Pearl, Arctic Fox   Tags: Wet Flies  

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Superior X Leg

Tied by AndyK Hook: Mustad 9671 #8 Tail: Grizzly Brown Marabou Abdomen: Kaufman’s Brown Stone Fly Dubbing Thorax: Kaufman’s Brown Stone Fly Dubbing Rib: Medium Copper Ultra-wire Bead: Copper Legs: Medium Brown w/Orange Flake Sili-legs   Tags: Wet Flies...

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Steelhead Pass Lake

Tied by BoB Hook: Partridge Bartleet size 6 Thread: 140 ultra thread/black Tail: Golden pheasant tippet Body: Ice dub, Peacock black Rib: flat gold tinsel Collar: Ringneck pheasant soft hackle Wing: Kiptail   Tags: Wet Flies...

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Pink Nose Dace

Tied by cheli38 Hook: Mustad 36890, size 8 salmon fly hook Thread: Pink Size G Ribbing: Oval size 14 Wing: Yellow, Pink, then Hot Pink Bucktail Body: Yellow Floss can be used for the body wrap.   Tags: Wet Flies...

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Professor Hairwing

Tied by Russ Bouck Hook: Tiemco 3761 (12-14) Thread: black 8/0 Tail: scarlet hackle fibers Body: yellow ultra wire--small Hackle: Hungarian partridge Wing: Badger hair   Tags: Wet Flies  

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Fly Box

Fly Patterns for fly fishing Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota Iowa and other Midwestern states

Fly Fishing Travel

There are many places to fly fish outside of the Midwest, here are some of the trips that we have made.

Resources for Fly Fishing the Midwest.

Weather, Entomology, Organizations and Groups.