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Tomorrow / Waupaca River

County: Portage and Waupaca Counties

DeLorme Page: 65 D-6, 53 A-6 and B-7

Wisconsin Trout Regulations Page: 19 and 20

Yes, it is one river, it starts as the Tomorrow River but the name changes to the Waupaca River when it hits the Waupaca County line. This beautiful river contains something for every fly fisherman. The upper reaches are typical of a sand county stream and provide fishing through a wooded stream for native Brookies. The lower sections of the river alternate between pool and runs, and a few riffles (I.E. classic trout water).

One problem with the Tomorrow/Waupaca (T/W) is that the lower reaches can get warm, the summer of 1995, temperatures of 80 degrees were reported. Much to warm to fish the already stressed trout and probably warm enough to cause serious fish kills. Again, if this is the case, PLEASE DO NOT fish areas with water that warm (I.E. water temp over 70F). On the T/W, there is plenty of water upstream that stays cold.  One other thing of note on the river is that the Nelsonville dam was removed, getting rid of one heat sink, maybe the Amherst dam should also be considered for removal. This may help reduce the temperature problems, especially on the lower river.

Firk 286 202
The Waupaca River at the crack of dawn.  Photo by Chris Firkus

Some upper and lower section of the stream has been improved, always be on the watch for these areas because this habitat provides cover for a lot of fish.  The Frank Hornberg, Fox Valley Chapters of Trout unlimited and The Wisconsin DNR have some ongoing stream improvements projects.  They have also completed several other large projects.  See there web site for work days, it’s a great way to get involved!
Tomorrow_improvement05Stream improvement on the Tomorrow River.

John with brown trout_0102
John with a nice Brown.


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