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Timber Coulee Creek

County: La Crosse and Vernon Counties

DeLorme Page: 40 C-3 and C-2

Wisconsin Trout Regulations Page: 18

Timber Coulee has been the recipient of about half a million dollars worth of stream improvements. This creates an artificial looking stream, running narrow and swiftly mostly through cow pastures. The up side is that natural reproduction is so good that fish are taken out and planted into other area streams. Timber Coulee doesn't experience the warm temperatures that plague the West Fork of the Kickapoo. Fish don't tend to be as large here but they are plentiful.

There are a few places where the mobile angler can get away from the crowds.  I prefer many of the older (improved during the CCC days) sections.  Habitat is so good that fish are too plentiful and forage fish, needed to produce large trout, are almost non-existent.

Timber Coulee supports most of the usual spring creek hatches. Most notable are the Tricos and little black caddis.


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