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Resources for Fly Fishing Wisconsin.

Books and maps for Fly Fishing Wis

Resources for Entomology

Classic Trout books


Wis Fly Shops & Guides

Environmental groups



Weather! Find out if you need your wading jacket or sunglasses. For these sites just type in your City & State or Zip code to get the forecast for your area.

noaaNOAA's National Weather Service


The weather channel

Wisconsin radar  Best radar on the web, loops, summary and more.

Rain fall  Find out if it rained in the area you want to fishing.  Also rainfall by the week.

USGS Flow Data for Wis The data on this site is useful for fishing the tribs and inland waters.

Resources for Entomology

Trout_nut_buttonTroutNut  Huge Gallery of original close-up photographs of flies, nymphs, larva, and other things that trout eat and trout fishermen imitate.

Basic Entomology - Why Study Bugs?

Entomology Trout Food & Insects

American Stonefly Web Page More than 600 species occur in North America a list is available on this website.

Aquatic Critters

Wisconsin Hatches In case you missed it.

West Fly This western site has great info.

Collecting Aquatic Insects

Mayfly Central!



TU_logoA whisper on a stream doesn’t mean a thing.  Get involved and speak up!

Trout Unlimited National                               Wisconsin TU State Council

 Local chapter web sites.

Aldo Leopold chapter of TU

Central Wisconsin Chapter of TU

Coulee Region Chapter of TU

Fox Valley Chapter of TU

Frank Hornberg Chapter of TU

Green Bay Chapter of TU

Harry & Laura Nohr Chapter


Ojibleau Chapter of TU

Southern  Chapter of TU






Federation of Fly Fishers

West Fork sportsman club


Environmental groups.

River Alliance of Wisconsin

Wisconsin Stewardship Network

American Rivers

Sierra Club in Wisconsin

The Izaak Walton League of America.

Surf your water shed 

The Wilderness Society

The Nature Conservancy



League of Conservation Voters


Fish of Wisconsin Identification Database.



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