Joe MeyerJoseph Meyer is the owner of
One More Cast Fly Shop
Located at
6525 Joliet Road

You can visit his web site at

Previously, he was an instructor for the Orvis Corporation where he discovered his love of teaching the art of Fly Fishing.  A long time customer of One More Cast, Joseph jumped at the chance to purchase the shop when the owner retired and he took ownership of the shop that day in September when planes flew into two towers in New York.

 More than just a retailer, Joseph considers himself a Fly Fishing Educator giving many Fly Casting and Fly Tying clinics each year.  He is a member and demonstration fly tyer for the Northern Illinois Fly Tyers, the Du Page Rivers Fly Tyers, Chicago Fly Fishers and is a board member of Trout Unlimited as well as a member of the Illinois Smallmouth Alliance. As a commercial Fly Tyer, he hand-ties over 600 dozen flies annually.

 He teaches several Trout Schools each year in Wisconsin as well as a Saltwater School and a Tarpon School in Florida, a Musky and Northern Pike School in Vilas County, Wisconsin.

 He has appeared on many radio and television programs and is an author whose writing has appeared in the Outdoor Notebook, American Angler and the Yale Angler’s Journal as well as having his short stories published in Looking Over the Bridge Rail.

As a Fly Fisher, Joseph has fly fished for trout from Alaska to Argentina but loves fly-fishing for every species of fish here in the Midwest.

Although his stories are based on real events in and around his fly shop, Joseph has never let actual facts get in the way of a good story.



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