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Llama-A Wisconsin Original By Miles Tourtilloutt of  Menominee County, Wis
Tied By R. Bouck.

Hook-3xl, 8-12
Black Thread 8/0.
Tail-Grizzly Hackle Fibers
Body-Red Uni-Stretch With Gold Wire Ribbing.
Hackle-Hen Grizzly.
If Weight Is Desired It Can Be Tied With A Body Of Red Copper Wire.

Bead Head PT Nymph 
Tied By Big_Al_K

Sz 10-16 2a1 nymph hook (14)
Standard PT nymph but with Ring- Neck Pheasant Soft Hackle (iridescent tips)

This fly won't win any awards for originality, but it is my go to fly on a section of the Lower Tomorrow river that I enjoy fishing. It works elsewhere as well, but it's THE first fly I grab for the Lower Tomorrow. (Think Freestone)

Thin Mint Wooley Bugger
Tied By Andy_K

Hook: Daiichi 2220 #10
Thread: Black 6/0
Bead: Tungsten gold bead
Tail: Brown, olive and black marabou with Krystal Flash tied in on both sides
Body: Pearl Peacock Angel Hair dubbed
Hackle: Black variant saddle hackle

Royal Streamer
Royal Coachman Hairwing Streamer
Tied By BoB_K

Hook: TMC 9394 3x heavy 4xl Tail: golden pheasant tippet
Body: peacock herl, red floss, peacock herl Wing: kiptail
Throat: brown hackle fibers

vadi nasskott
Black Stone fly
Tied by: vadi nasskott

Size 16 Tiemco 100BL hook.
Superfine black dubbing for body
CDC feather for wing
Black hackle for feet
Black No. 8 thread

I saw this fly originally tied on television as a flying ant by Mike Lawson,Henry Fork's Anglers,Island Park,Idaho.I leave off the zlon wing(which normally would be tied on before the cdc feather),and I use a size 16 or 18 hook when I tie for the black caddis hatch.1 tie this fly in brown and grey also for different caddis hatches with varying size hooks.The cdc feather is normally the color of the body but sometimes grey is a good wing color.

Little BLK Stone Wet Fly Jerry_G
Little Blk Stone Wet Fly
Tied by: Jerry Gorman

Hook: Cablea's barbless #14,
Blk thread,
Tail: dun or black
Abdomen: Brn Biot
Thorax: Blk Rabbit
Hackle and Wing: Dun hen

Black Stonefly  By CJ
Black Stonefly
Tied By: CourtJester

Hook: Dai-riki; size 14 natural bend; 3x long
Thread:Black, 6/0
Abdomen: Thin strip of foam, palmered forward to approximately 1/3 behind eye
Wing: Thin packaging foam, cut to shape
Hackle: Black, match hook size Clip flush on bottom if a "lower" floating fly is desired.

Adams Pupa Olive Mull Dover
Aidans Pupa
Tied By Mull Dover

Abdomen: Olive unithread under a vinyl necklace mater from Wal-Mart
Thorax: A mixture of squirrel dubbing and light bright dub.
Wings: grouse
Antenna: 2 Pheasant tail fibers

This is my contribution to the fly swap; it’s a tie of my own invention and named after my son.  I fish a lot of caddis rich waters and have good success with this fly.  I fish it as nymph when no hatch is evident and wither on a grease leader or as a dropper behind an elk Hair Caddis during a hatch.

March Brown Wet Bryan_C
March Brown Wet
Tied by Bryan_C

Summer Duck, oval Silver, Grey Tabby, Summer Duck, pheasant

Black Caddis LatRat
#20 Black Caddis
Tied by: Lab Rat
Dyed snowshoe Hare Wing
Black Dubbing Body

BWO Comparadun Lab Rat
#18 BWO Comparadun
Tied by: Lab Rat
Micro fibbet tail
Olive dubbing Body
Dyed snowshoe  hair wing

Olive Batsing Nymph Eric_J
Olive Batwing Nymph
By TurkeyLeech

Madam X
Tied By: Sir_Trout

Hook: Standard Wet 2-3XL size 6-16
Thread: Yellow 6/0
Body: Yellow floss
Tail: Natural deer
Head: Natural deer tied reverse style
Legs: White round rubber tied to form an X


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