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    Fly Fishing Wisconsin Message Board Fly Swap, Winter 2006


    March Brown soft Hackle, tied by Jerry Gorman (Swap Master)
    Hook: Cabelas #21  hook size #16 3X, 6/7 wraps of lead wire
    Tail: wood duck flank
    Abdomen beaver & pine squirrel under fur 50/50
    Rib: fine copper wire
    Thorax: Hairs Mask dyed brown & dark olive
    Hackle: partridge

    Andy_s_Anorcsic_Gnat__tied_by_Andy_Swain b02
    Andy's Anorcsic Gnat, tied by Andy Swain
    Body: Brown floss (untwaxed)
    Hackle Grizzly Met
    Hook: Mustad 94840R-10 dry fly, size 18

    Thin body was a result of limited supplies when I first tied this fly. It was the early season years ago, I had been fishing, the Pine, Chafe, Wedde, Mecan, Tomorrow and Waupaca rivers and was running out of Griffith’s Gnats. I tied a few of these on the hood of my truck and knew the body lacked mass, but the end result was continuing my hot streak regardless or the body girth.  I found by using slightly oversized hackle, I could trim the fly to fit the situation. Trim more of the bottom to sit lower on or slightly in the water,  trim most of the body and dress it with Sine and fish it like a nymph, (used as a dropper it was highly effective on the tomorrow.  It ain't pretty, it ain't spectacular looking, but it put a lot of Trout in my hands that weekend.

    Unnamed Streamer, tied by Bob Kinderman
    Shhhh, I think he is going to call it a Baby Brown Trout.

    Black Ghost, tied by Damian Hannus
    Hook: Size
    Tail: Yellow Hackle
    Body Black floss ribbed with silver mylar tinse
    Wing: White hen hackle
    Cheeks: Jungle cock


    March Trude, tied by Shawn Sullivan
    Hook: Dry #14
    Body: Antron & mink
    Tail: Deer hair
    Wing: Mink tail
    Notes: works great for early stones & blue quills.  Use desiccant powder to skate it on the surface or clip the hackle on the bottom for a flush float. Clip the tail off & coat only the wing for a nice change. Enjoy!


    No Foam Hopper, tied by Brian Tesch
    Hook: Dry Fly Size 4 - 12
    Thread: GSP for spinning, black for head.
    Tail: Red Hackle Fibers
    Body: Clipped spun deer hair
    Wing: Turkey
    Hackle: Brown and Grizzly

    RM Cricket, tied by Rich Mlodzik
    Hook: #14 Mustad 9671
    Body: Craft Foam-Black Cut in 1/8" strip
    Hackle: Dry Fly-Brown
    Wing: Deer Hair-Black
    Legs: Small Rubberlegs-Black
    Head: Egg yarn-Orange Separate strand into 4 pieces
    For compete instructions see CWTU fly tying page...

    Sulphur Emerger or Flymph, tied by Russ Bouck
    Hook: TMC 3761 sizes 14-18.
    Tail: Pheasant tail fibers
    Abdomen: Pheasant tail fibers
    Thorax: Sulphur colored rabbit fur dubbing
    Rib: Fine copper wire
    Hackle: Dun hackle from a hen cape
    Thread: 8/0  Unithread yellow
    For hacking instructions see Dave Hughes book wet flies.
    Can be fished to rising trout upstream to rising trout downstream or swung down and across stream before or during the hatch.


    Tracer Streamer, tied by Tracy M
    Hook: 3x long streamer, 10 - 2
    Thread: 6/0 white
    Eyes: Bead chain, metal or plastic 
    Tail, body and wing: Dubbing blended from nylon yarn, flash materials and un-raveled holographic ribbon, cut @1.5 - 2 inches long. Tail and wing doubled over and trimmed with sharp blade.

    X caddis, tied by Andy killoren
    Tail Zlon shuck
    Body: Antron to match
    Wing: Deer hair

    Yellow Streamer, tied by Mark Peerenboom
    Hook: Tiemco 5262 size 10
    Thread: Brown
    Tail: Yellow marabou
    Body: Ultra Wire, Small Fl Yellow
    Wing: Olive Angel Hair, white hair, yellow marabou.

    Little Black Caddis, tied by Steve Heuser
    Body: Super fine olive with palmered black hackle
    Wing: Back Deer Hair


    CDC Caddis, tied by Steve Heuser
    For tying info see Hans Weilenmann web site.



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