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July 3rd, morning of the 2nd day. Each evening you have to unpack the boats and set up camp.  Then in the morning you have take down camp and re pack the boats.  It’s a lot of work but it’s all worth it.
Getting ready the 2nd day

A good view
good view Midldle fork of the Salmon

More great views...
more good viewing  Midldle fork of the Salmon

Power house cabin.
Power house cabbin Midldle fork of the Salmon

Inside the cabin.
Inside cabbin 1

Another view of the inside.
Inside cabbin 2

Water wheel on the power house.
water wheel Midldle fork of the Salmon

Power house rapids.
Power house rapids Midldle fork of the Salmon

A stop at one of the many hot springs along the river.
Stop at the hot springs

Body boarding in the rapids.
body boarding on the Middle Fork of the Salmon

Large feeder stream.
larger feader stream Midldle fork of the Salmon

Calm water with a view.
calm water with a view

Two Maganzers.
Two maganzers

A neat spot.
IMGP1924 Pretty spot

Pistol Creek Rapids
Pistol Creek Rapids on the Middle Fork of the Salmon.

Moon over the trees.
IMGP1931 moon over the trees

Pistol Creek camp site.  You can just make out Pistol Creek at the top of the pictures
Pistol Creek camp site

Large pool below Pistol Creek Rapids, that evening we saw a few salmon rising in the pool.  We spend the evening fishing that pool and in Pistol Creek.
IMGP1948 large pool at Pistol creek camp

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June 28, 4 days to launch

July 04, day 3 hot springs and cool rocks

June 29, 3 days to launch

July 05, day 4  hieroglyphs, rain and good fishing

June 30, 2 days to launch

July 06, day 5 little more rain

July 01, rigging day

July 07, day 6 black bear and water falls

July 02, launch day

July 08, day 7 last day big horn sheep

July 03, 2nd day on the water

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