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June 30 2 day to launch, the Sawtooth Mountain by dawns light, it was great to open your door of the motel and see this.
Sawtooths by Dawn light

Before we drove up to the launch site we stopped to fish Valley Creek, out side of Stanley, Id.  Had a good time with some nice size rainbows and a few cutthroats.  I did see some big fish hold in this creek, but had no luck getting them to hit.
Valley Creek, out side of Stanley, Id

Dagger Fall above the launch site, earlier that day someone had spotted Salmon or Steelhead trying to jump the falls.  If you look in the lower right corner of the picture you can see part of the fish ladder.   I got to spend a hour or so fishing above the falls that evening,  I could not keep the small rainbows from attacking my fly.  Most of the fish were in the slower water along the edges.
Dagger Falls

I found a few of these along the shore and saw a number of stone flies on the wing.
Stone shuck

Launch site at sunset.  If you look closely, just past the ramp there is a number of wooden drift boats.
Lauch site at sun set Middle fork of the salmon

Middle fork of the salom

A nice cut during the evening hatch.  He took a yellow caddis size 14,  he was holding on a edge of the really fast water.
First good cut

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June 28, 4 days to launch

July 04, day 3 hot springs and cool rocks

June 29, 3 days to launch

July 05, day 4  hieroglyphs, rain and good fishing

June 30, 2 days to launch

July 06, day 5 little more rain

July 01, rigging day

July 07, day 6 black bear and water falls

July 02, launch day

July 08, day7 last day big horn sheep

July 03, 2nd day on the water

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